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Explore the diverse stock of products we carry

RSM Company merchandises a broad variety of VIRGIN COTTON from all of the major US growth regions for use in the manufacture of spun yarns and nonwovens.  In addition, we also own the largest mote gin in the US, based in Slaton, Texas, where we are actively converting gin waste fibers (MOTES) into clean, reginned cotton (REGINS) that are suitable for yarn spinning and nonwovens.

Product line includes all types of waste generated by spinning and weaving mills. Applications include wiping waste ( estopa ), garnetting, paper production, disposables and spinning.

We carry a wide variety of synthetic products for spinning, non-woven and fiber fill applications. Materials include polyester, nylon, acrylic, rayon and more.

We carry BCF and high-tenacity nylon yarns in various deniers, lusters and colors. 

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